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Our Fountain Lighting Products, In Detail.

Wide Led Screen size 13x12 mt

Fountain Lighting


Aside from the aural element, much of the appeal of a fountain is visual. Fountain lights allow that visual appeal to be enjoyed under any conditions. Some fountains come with fountain lights pre-installed and others can have them added at the owner's discretion. For inside or outside fountains, lights are one of the most popular accessories. Fountain lights can come with either LED or halogen bulbs, some should only be submersed in water and others can be used in or out of the water.

Clear fountain lights can also be very beautiful. Even though the light itself isn't colored, water fountain lights still play across the flow of the water and this can make very stunning effects. Many owners enjoy the classic and refined look provided by clear fountain lights. They also offer more visibility for any other elements within the fountain.

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